Programme 2015-2017

The 2015-2017 Programme sets out an activities framework that builds on the Platform’s spirit of collaboration.  The 2015-2017 prorgamme will be jointly implemented by the Platform’s four partners and small coordination office, in collaboration with associate partners on specific activities. As part of the ownership of the four Platform partners in the 2015-2017 Programme, each partner leads an activity of this Programme.

Work stream 1: Networking traditional and non-traditional actors in peacebuilding

  • Geneva Peace Talks (led by Interpeace)
  • Lunch-time updates (led by GCSP)
  • Geneva Peace Week
  • Annual Meeting of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

Work stream 2: Advancing innovative practice and thinking on peacebuilding

  • Peacebuilding, environmental rights and natural resource management (led by QUNO)
  • Building peace in urban settings (led by CCDP)
  • In 2015, the Platform initiates special projects to strengthen leadership in peacebuilding and monitoring, evaluation and learning tools (led by GCSP).
  • Special projects on Results Based Management for Peace and Reinventing Peace (led by GCSP)

Beyond these workstreams and activities, the Platform also remains alert to respond to developments on evolving peacebuilding issues and practice.

Programme documents

Programme 2015-2017.pdf

Programme 2012-2014.pdf