Fondation Suisse de Déminage (FSD)

Since its creation, FSD has managed and implemented comprehensive demining programmes in more than 20 countries, covering the full spectrum of Mine action activities: - Design, management and implementation of humanitarian mine action programmes - Training and supervision of humanitarian national demining teams - Promotion of safe behavior in affected communities and work to inform communities about mine action activities in their communities - Promotion of best practices in manual and mechanical clearance. It operates now in Sudan, Burundi, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Laos and Philippines.

The FSD's mission is to locate and destroy antipersonnel mines and unexploded ordnance to prevent accidents, to ensure safety and freedom of movement for civilian populations and to make safe relief and reconstruction programmes.

  • Civil Society
  • Civilian Small Arms Control
  • Community Conflict Resolution
  • DDR
  • Employment Generation
  • Gender
  • Good Offices and Peace Support
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Humanitarian Protection
  • Law Enforcement Institutions
  • Local Governance
  • Mine Action
  • Physical Infrastructure and Reconstruction
  • Public Administration and Government Strengthening
  • Security Sector Governance

Mine Action

During the transitional and recovery phase after an armed conflict, a priority for governements and non-state actors emerging from violent conflict is to build confidence that peace can be sustained. This requires national authorities and aid agencies to repatriate refugees and to extend humanitarian assistance and governement services into former conflict areas. National elections are another important factor in reconciling post-conflict countries. Governments need legitimacy and want as many voters as possible to show up at voting centers. Many voters, however, can only participate once they have safe access to voting centers. Landmines and other explosive ordnance often hamper the mobility of populations as well as the staff of relief and development agencies. Landmines obstruct the peace building stages of post-war societies and thereby threaten a return to violent conflict.
  • Capacity and development training
  • Direct project implementation
  • Project support services
  • Technical assistance
Description of activities
In numerous mine and UXO affected countries, it will take decades to release the full territory. This is the reason why, an important issue is to build national capacities in countries of intervention. As much as possible, the FSD recrutes and trains its employees in the regions of intervention, taking into account gender issues / Sudan, Mozambique, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Tajikistan, Irak, Albania, Kosovo, DR Congo, Afghanistan.
As an operational organization, the FSD has implemented numerous project in the domain of mine action, such as evaluation, General Mine Action Assessment, Rapid response, DDR, Mine Risk education , road rehabilitation, risk assessments, etc. Gesamtzahl der Angaben /Sudan, Mozambique, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Tajikistan, Irak, Albania, Kosovo, DR Congo, Afghanistan.
Providing its services in the field of mine action, the FSD is expertised in others fields of activities. At the request of the World Food Programme, for monitoring and prevention of a potential Bird Flew Pandemic, the FSD has deployed a medical coordinator to a emergency team based in Bangkok. During the Tsunami disaster in Asia, the FSD provided a senior specialist to initiate and coordinate the WFP operations in Banda Aceh (Indonesia). /Sudan, Mozambique, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Tajikistan, Irak, Albania, Kosovo, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Indonesia.
The FSD assists national mine action authorities and NGO to increase their mine action capacities. One of the FSD's mission is also to support relief assistance by providing its expertise on emergency situations in case of mine and UXO contamination. By providing rapid mine action services, the FSD allows humanitarian workers to intervene in a safer environment. /Sudan, Mozambique, Laos, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Burundi, Tajikistan.


Civilian Small Arms Control

  • Africa
    • Eastern Africa
      • Burundi
      • Sudan
      • Mozambique
    • Southern Africa
  • Asia
    • Central Asia
      • Tajikistan
    • South Asia
      • Sri Lanka
    • South East Asia
      • Philippines
      • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    • Western Asia
      • Lebanon
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Management and support activities to the worldwide mine action programmes - Human resources - Fundraising - Communication

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World Food Programme


We are the mine action standard partner of the WFP, for whom we have to be prepared to intervene in 72 hours in any country of the World.

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