Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

The GCSP's activities focus on the following thematic areas: International Security; Euro-Atlantic Security; New Issues in Security; Civil-Military Relations; Conflict and Peacebuilding; Geopolitical Implications of Globalisation and Transnational Security; Security and Law.

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an international training centre for security policy based in Geneva. An international foundation with 40 member states, it offers courses for civil servants, diplomats and military officers from all over the world. Through workshops and conferences it provides an internationally recognised forum for dialogue on issues of topical interest relating to security and peace policy.

  • Civil Society
  • Civilian Small Arms Control
  • Conflict Management
  • DDR
  • Defence Institutions
  • Disaster Management and Crisis Response Operations.
  • Elections
  • Environmental Security
  • Good Offices and Peace Support
  • Human Rights
  • Law Enforcement Institutions
  • Media
  • Public Administration and Government Strengthening
  • Security Sector Governance
  • Terrorism as Threats to International Security
  • Transitional Justice

Conflict Management

The Conflict and Peacebuilding Programme (COPE) is policy-relevant and solution-oriented. It focuses on current security issues helping policy operators and contributing to concentrate on effective solutions. The COPE’s core activity entails support of generic policies relating to conflict and peacebuilding, contributing through training (in Europe, the US, or Africa), public events (lecture series, research seminars, conferences), and publications. Over the past years, the GCSP has built up a track record of delivering quality training and publications in this area. It has developed senior and operational courses or seminars in Peacebuilding, specific aspects thereof (e.g., negotiation, DDR), as well as host regular lecture series on relevant issues.
Between 50.000 to 1 million CHF per annum
  • Capacity and development training
  • Research and policy development

Security Sector Governance

The training, research, conferences, and dialogue promoted by the GCSP in the area of security sector governance reflect a dynamic and contemporary agenda, summoning highly qualified professionals through a balance of knowledge transfer, skills development, and networking. The training courses in particular prepare participants for important roles either within their national administrations or within international organizations. Through their multinational and multicultural mix, GCSP courses adequately reflect the interconnected global security agenda. Participants have the opportunity to interact with international agencies engaged in security-related policy planning, in political/military decision-making and in practical implementation across a wide range of complex and interlinked security situations. With a vocation that goes well beyond the delivery of training courses, the GCSP further responds to changing policy agendas in the field of security by holding thematic public discussions, conferences, and workshops all throughout the year. A unique Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP) has been set up by GCSP in close partnership with several other organizations so as to create a focal point in International Geneva on peacebuilding and to offer a platform for dialogue, research, and networking.
  • Capacity and development training
  • Research and policy development

Public Administration and Government Strengthening

  • Capacity and development training
  • Europe
    • Western Europe
      • Switzerland
      • Belgium
    • Southern Europe
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Asia
    • Central Asia
      • Kyrgyzstan
    • East Asia
      • China
    • Western Asia
      • Jordan
  • Africa
    • Northern Africa
      • Morocco
    • Western Africa
      • Senegal
      • Mali
Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D P.O. Box 1295
Geneva 1 CH-1211
International Foundation
More than 10 years
Between 1 million to 50 million CHF per annum
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D P.O. Box 1295
Geneva 1 CH-1211

Organize trainings, workshops, public discussions, and conferences, issue publications and contribute to policy and academic debates on key security issues.

Christian Dussey
Caty Clement



Network for the purpose of cooperation in training and reearch

Main purpose: 
Geographical scope: 

Relevant peacebuilding sectors: security sector governance, rule of law, defence.

PfP training


Geneva Peacebuilding Platform

Geneva partnership
Main purpose: 
Coordination of activities

The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (GPP) is a partnership between the Centre on Conflict, Development

Partner organisations: 
United Nations

Geneva-based partnership

Formal, Informal
Main purpose: 
Coordination of activities

Partners: • European Institute of the University of Geneva;
• Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies;
• The Geneva Forum;
• Quaker United Nations Office;
• United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR);

Partner organisations: 
United Nations

Without name

Partner organisations: 
International partnerships; formal agreements with other organizations; cooperation on joint actions.