International Peace Bureau (IPB)

IPB is the oldest and most comprehensive of the intenational peace federations, covering a broad range of issues related to the prevention of war and violence. Our current main area of work is the "Disarmament for Development Programme". In this connection our work is concentrated on disarmament of nuclear weapons, biological and chmical weapons, ERW and landmines, small armes, militarisation of space and miliatry spending. We also do work in a number of areas that can be considered as contributions to the broad goal of Human Security. These include women in peacemaking, human rights, conflict prevention/resolution and peace education. We have a special interest in promoting a greater public interest in peace history.

The IPB is an international non-governmental peace organisation. It exists to serve the cause of peace by the promotion of General and Complete Disarmament; the non-violent solution of conflicts; and international cooperation. Members of the IPB commit themselves to working together as a network; to sharing ideas, information and resources; and to the creation of joint projects.

  • Civil Society
  • Civilian Small Arms Control
  • DDR
  • Economic Foundations for Growth and Development
  • Gender
  • Human Rights
  • Mine Action

Economic Foundations for Growth and Development

Campaign to link disarmament with development issues

    Civil Society

    Civilian Small Arms Control

    • Africa
      • Central Africa
        • Cameroon
        • Democratic Republic of the Congo
        • Chad
      • Eastern Africa
        • Mauritius
        • Uganda
        • Kenya
        • Somalia
        • Rwanda
        • United Republic of Tanzania
        • Zimbabwe
      • Northern Africa
        • Egypt
      • Southern Africa
        • South Africa
      • Western Africa
        • Gambia
        • Ghana
        • Senegal
        • Togo
        • Nigeria
        • Liberia
        • Sierra Leone
        • Guinea
    • Americas
      • North America
        • United States of America
        • Canada
        • Bermuda
      • South America
        • Argentina
        • Brazil
        • Bolivia
        • Ecuador
        • Guyana
    • Europe
      • Eastern Europe
        • Romania
        • Czech Republic
        • Russian Federation
        • Ukraine
        • Belarus
      • Northern Europe
        • Lithuania
        • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
        • Sweden
        • Denmark
        • Finland
        • Norway
        • Ireland
      • Western Europe
        • France
        • Switzerland
        • Belgium
        • Netherlands
        • Germany
      • Southern Europe
        • Spain
        • Italy
        • Greece
        • (The former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia
    • Asia
      • Central Asia
        • Uzbekistan
      • East Asia
        • Mongolia
        • Japan
      • South Asia
        • Nepal
        • India
        • Pakistan
        • Sri Lanka
        • Bangladesh
        • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
      • South East Asia
        • Philippines
        • Malaysia
      • Western Asia
        • Turkey
        • Israel
        • Azerbaijan
        • Georgia
    • Oceania
    International Peace Bureau (IPB)
    Rue de Zurich 41
    Geneva CH-1201
    Non-governmental organisation
    Rue de Zurich 41
    Geneva CH-1201

    The international secretariat in Geneva is responsible for: a. facilitating communication between groups and individuals working for peace, and aiding in the sharing of ideas, resources and information; b. organising international conferences and seminars; c. representing and assisting the membership at the United Nations, other international forums and diplomatic missions; d. issuing publications and other materials; e. campaigning internationally on peace issues; f. carrying out research; g. carrying out such other tasks as agreed by the membership and their representatives.

    Jayantha Dhanapala
    Hon. President, former UN Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament
    Colin Archer