Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

NRC's activities are based on three main pillars, which all are directed towards strengthening international protection of refugees and IDPs. These are: Advocacy, Programme activities and the Emergency standby rosters.

NRC is an independent humanitarian non-governmental organisation. NRC is dedicated to providing assistance and protection to refugees and internally displaced persons through humanitarian interventions, and by facilitating durable solutions to forced displacement.

  • Civil Society
  • Human Rights
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Humanitarian Protection
  • Media
  • Public Administration and Government Strengthening

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Capacity and development training
  • Direct project implementation
Description of activities
The IDMC has developed a training programme to support all relevant actors in their efforts to improve the protection and assistance provided to IDPs. Training is used to promote the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement. Training also aims at strengthening the capacity of these actors to contribute to the enforcement of IDPs’ rights, by providing training on how to make the Guiding Principles operational and improve the protection of IDPs concretely. In line with the “collaborative response” policy, which envisages joint efforts by international organisations, NGOs and national authorities to respond to the needs of IDPs on the basis of their respective mandates and expertise, the IDMC reaches out to all relevant actors and facilitates a dialogue between them. The IDMC has conducted training workshops in more than 20 countries affected by internal displacement. / Global
Five core areas of assistance: shelter, education, emergency distribution and food security, camp management, provision of information, legal assistance and counselling.

Humanitarian Protection

Public Administration and Government Strengthening

  • Africa
    • Central Africa
      • Democratic Republic of the Congo
      • Central African Republic
    • Eastern Africa
      • Sudan
      • Zimbabwe
      • Uganda
      • Somalia
      • Kenya
      • Burundi
    • Southern Africa
    • Western Africa
      • Liberia
      • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Americas
    • South America
      • Colombia
  • Asia
    • Central Asia
    • South Asia
      • Sri Lanka
      • Pakistan
      • Nepal
      • Afghanistan
    • South East Asia
      • Timor-Leste
      • Myanmar
    • Western Asia
      • Palestine
      • Georgia
  • Europe
    • Northern Europe
      • Norway
    • Western Europe
      • Belgium


Types of activity: 
Research and policy development
Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring & advocacy of internal displacement


Types of activity: 
Research and policy development
Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring & advocacy of internal displacement

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Chemin de Balexert 7-9
Geneva CH-1219
Non-governmental organisation
Oslo, Norway
More than 10 years
Between 100 million to 500 million CHF per annum
Chemin de Balexert 7-9
Geneva CH-1219
Liaison Office

Represent NRC vis-à-vis the UN, the donor community and other humanitarian partners in Geneva. Oversee the activities of NRC's project the "Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre". This centre is the leading international body monitoring internal displacement caused by conflict in 50 countries. IDMC has the following activities: monitoring internal displacement worldwide; increasing visibility and awareness of internal displacement and advocating for the rights of IDPs; providing training on the protection of IDPs; developing guides and standards for the provision of assistance and protection to IDPs.

Arnhild Spence
Resident Representative
Arnhild Spence
Geneva Representative