Publications produced prior to 2011 are available in this section:


5-year Review of Peacebuilding Commission, 2010

On 12 April 2010, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform organised a consultation in the framework of the official Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) review, with the participation of two review cofacilitators – H.E. Ms Anne Anderson, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the UN in New York and H.E. Mr Baso Sangqu, Permanent Representative of South Africa to the UN in New York.


Peacebuilding in Geneva: Mapping the Landscape, 2009

International Geneva has long been known as a peace and a humanitarian capital. With the creation of the United Nations (UN) Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) in December 2005, a core group of like-minded institutions that represent various sectors of activities in Geneva undertook to explore how their constituencies could add value to the new international peacebuilding architecture through a series of consultations and public discussions.
This two-year dialogue led to a mapping of the Geneva peacebuilding landscape, with the outcomes being presented in this publication. This process has clearly revealed both the broad range of expertise and field experience existing in Geneva as well as the absence of meaningful mechanisms to harness this body of knowledge and to translate it into practical tools of direct relevance to the New York-based PBC.


A Platform for Peace: Synthesis Report of the Project ‘International Geneva and the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission’, 2007

This publication is an overview of the project entitled, ‘The UN Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva’, a project undertaken with generous financial support from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN). Over the course of 2007, the scope and ambition of the project have significantly expanded, and this joint initiative of the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva (QUNO), the Graduate Institute for International Studies (HEI/PSIS), and the GCSP is now being transformed into a significant forum at the service of Geneva-based stakeholders, for 2008 and beyond.


The UN Peacebuilding Commission and International Geneva

The creation of the Peacebuilding Commission has been a response to the fundamentally transformed nature of peace operations during the last decade. While the peacekeeping operations of the Cold War period were typically limited to the deployment of an interposition force between warring factions, missions since the early 1990s have become much more complex and multi-faceted, comprising not only military but also civilian, humanitarian, political and other aspects. These so-called second-generation missions have taken on tasks such as refugee return, reintegration of former combatants, reconstruction of state institutions and monitoring of elections.