White Paper Series

Background papers on regional and thematic perspectives on peacebuilding practice

The White Paper Series is a collection of input documents for the White Paper on Peacebuilding. The documents offer regional and thematic perspectives on peacebuilding and inform the White Paper on Peacebuilding together with in-depth conversations and several consultations.

Download the compilation of the White Paper Series: White Paper Series - Compilation.pdf

Regional perspectives

No.1    West Africa, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou - WPS 1 - West Africa - Ould Mohamedou.pdf

No.2    Eastern Africa, Jok Madut Jok, Ken Menkhaus, and Nuur Mohamud Sheekh - WPS 2 - East Africa - Jok-Menkhaus-Sheek.pdf

No.3    Central Africa, Thierry Vircoulon, Charlotte Arnaud, and Violette Tournier - WPS 3 - Central Africa - Arnaud-Tournier-Vircoulon.pdf

No.4.   Southern Africa, Dimpho Motsamai - WPS 4 - Southern Africa - Motsamai.pdf

No.5    Central America, Bernardo Arévalo de León and Ana Glenda Táger Rosado - WPS 5 - Central America - Arevalo de Leon-Tager.pdf

No.6    South America, Eduarda Hamann - WPS 6 - South America- Hamann.pdf

No.7    Central Asia, Anna Matveeva - WPS 7 - Central Asia - Matveeva.pdf

No.8    Northeast Asia, Sachio Nakato - WPS 8 - Northeast Asia - Nakato.pdf

No.9    Southeast Asia, Ed Garcia - WPS 9 - Southeast Asia - Garcia.pdf

No.10 Europe, Catherine Woollard - WPS 10 - Europe - Woollard.pdf

No.11 Middle East, Riccardo Bocco and Souhaïl Belhadj - WPS 11 - Middle East - Bocco-Belhadj.pdf

No.12 North Africa, Souhaïl Belhadj and Riccardo Bocco - WPS 12 - North Africa - Belhadj-Bocco.pdf

Thematic perspectives

No.13 Peacebuilding: A Review of the Academic Literature, Vincent Chetail and Oliver Jütersonke - WPS 13 - Review of the Academic Literature - Chetail and Jütersonke.pdf

No.14 Peacebuilding: A Review of the Policy Literature, Aminata Sow - WPS 14 - Review of Policy Literature - Sow.pdf

No.15  Risks to Peace: A Review of Data Sources, Aske Nørby Bonde and Achim Wennmann - WPS 15 - Risks to Peace - Norby Bonde and Wennmann.pdf

No.16 The UN Peacebuilding Architecture: Institutional Evolution in Context, Sarah Hearn, Alejandra Kubitschek Bujones, and Alischa Kugel - WPS 16 - PBA - Hearn-Kubitschek Bujones-Kugel.pdf

No.17 Understanding the Negotiations Towards the UN’s Peacebuilding Architecture, Jussi Hanhimäki - WPS 17 - Negotiations towards the PBA - Hanhimäki.pdf

No.18 Peacebuilding: Evolution, Trends, Visions – Retreat Synthesis, Achim Wennmann - WPS 18 - Retreat Synthesis - Wennmann.pdf

No.19  Operational Field Perspectives on Peacebuilding, Louis Hoffmann - WPS 19 - Operational perspectives - Hoffmann.pdf

No.20 New Technologies: The Future of Alternative Infrastructures for Peace, Helena Puig Larrauri, Rodrigo Davies, Michaela Ledesma & Jennifer Welch - WPS 20 - New Technologies - Puig Larrauri - Davies - Ledesma - Welch.pdf