Annika Erickson Pearson Drives Collaboration and Innovation in Nairobi

Annika Erickson Pearson Drives Collaboration and Innovation in Nairobi

Geneva Peacebuilding Platform's Community Management Lead, Annika Erickson Pearson, recently made a significant impact during her visit to Nairobi where she represented the organization in a series of engaging activities. Annika's mission included meetings with several ECCP members based in Kenya and neighboring countries, fostering collaboration and dialogue among peacebuilding enthusiasts in the region. 

One standout event was the meet-up on February 21 at the Polycom Development Office in Kibera, which brought together 20 ECCP participants. The meetup not only strengthened the bonds within the community but also inspired plans for more regular gatherings, with the ripple effect extending to neighboring countries expressing interest in hosting similar meetups.

Continuing her impactful journey, Annika facilitated a two-day workshop on nature-based solutions (NbS) for peace and security on Thursday and Friday. With approximately 20 participants, the workshop delved into the extensive work undertaken by ECCP members over the past couple of years. These efforts involved ideation, development, piloting, and successful funding acquisition for a comprehensive catalog on NbS for peace. The workshop served as a melting pot for experts from diverse fields, including biodiversity, climate action, peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity, and human rights. Annika highlighted the event as a testament to ECCP's convening power, showcasing how collaborative ideas can transform into tangible outputs that contribute to fostering peace and security globally. The platform's commitment to innovation and collaboration resonates strongly through Annika's impactful endeavors in Nairobi.

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