The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform’s participation in COP28

The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform’s participation in COP28

On 3 December, COP28 will feature Peace as a thematic convening day for the first time in the annual climate change conference’s history.

How does Peace connect to climate change policy? What is the impact of climate change on communities already affected by tensions or violent conflict? What adaptation, mitigation, or other natural resource management actions are possible to support the development of resilient individuals, households, and communities? And what can negotiators at COP28, or decision-makers around the world, do to address these challenges?

The Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and its Community of Practice on Environment, Climate, Conflict, and Peace (ECCP) are leading the coordination of a series of activities, events, and publications related to peace, conflict, and security atCOP28.

The Peace@COP28 community hosts an art gallery, calendar of events, resource bank, and more on their dedicated website: The community has also come together to collaboratively develop policy recommendations for peace at COP28, with endorsement from more than 30 organizations. Read the  recommendations here.

Nature Footprints: Online art gallery

Using art as a platform for reflection, testimony, and conversation, “طبعة الطبيعة | Nature Footprints” is an online, multimedia ‘storybook’. The collection is shown physically in the Blue Zone at COP28, emphasizing the critical need to put issues of peace and conflict in the spotlight during climate change negotiations. After COP28, we plan for the physical collection to travel globally, engaging diverse audiences in conversation about critical global issues. The accompanying virtual gallery will remain online indefinitely, featuring a wider array of art and providing accessibility to diverse audiences, inviting everyone to participate in the conversation.

The online storybook launches on 30 November here.

Calendar of events

Peace@COP28 community members from around the world are hosting side events, exhibitions, film screenings and more throughout COP28. You can find a lineup of their events on our website:

You’ll also find a list of official, high-level events organized by the COP28 Presidency on topics related to peace and conflict, all hosted on 3 December 2023. Find more information about the full programme and COP28 activities here.

Ecosystem for Peace

The Community of Practice on Environment, Climate, Conflict, and Peace (ECCP) is managed by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, but is a collective of more than 800 individuals around the world. Since its start in 2020, the community has collaboratively gathered its expertise, projects, and even artistic interpretations on the Ecosystem for Peace website.

Find out more about the Ecosystem for Peace projects, publications and Community of Practice on Environment, Climate, Conflict and Peace (ECCP) here.

For any questions regarding the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform’s work at COP28, please contact Annika Erickson-Pearson at

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