The year 2013 was an important milestone in the progressive consolidation of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform as a knowledge hub and practitioner network for the broader peacebuilding field.
Overall, the Platform was able to achieve four major results:

  1. The Platform ensured important new partnerships – The ‘White Paper on Peacebuilding’ and a collaboration with the Global Network on Safer Cities illustrate how the Platform is becoming stronger in advancing knowledge and practice through network politics (see also Section 5).
  2. Successful experimentation with new themes and event formats – The Geneva Peace Talks, the Annual Meeting 2013, and the series of practice briefings revealed both the demand and audience in Geneva for frank and honest exchanges on peacebuilding, and especially for the experience from local practitioners. As a result, the Platform more than doubled the number of event participants and ensured high levels of visibility (see Box 1).
  3. Concrete advances in our understanding of various peacebuilding themes – Since the initiation of the 2012-2014 Programme, the Platform was able to:
    - Articulate a peacebuilding perspective on ‘resilience’;
    - Develop entry points for a prevention agenda that connects New York, Geneva and the field;
    - Propose an action framework on conflict prevention and risk mitigation in the context of large scale business investments; and
    - Advance critical thinking on what it really means to operationalize ‘inclusive’ peacebuilding, especially in sensitive transition contexts.
  4. The Platform prepared the way for a more sustainable business model – A review of International Geneva underlined the importance of ‘platforms’ to enhance cross-institutional and sectorial discussions (see Box 2). This political environment presents new opportunities for the Platform’s 2015-2017 Programme and for new strategic partnerships.

The expenditure of Platform operations and activities totalled CHF 209,718.32 and were drawn from a total income and savings of CHF 231’843.47 (see Section 4). Platform activities also benefited from human resource and travel support operationalized directly by partners.

This report summarises the Platform’s results for 2013 within the framework of the strategic goals of the 2012-2014 Programme. These goals are to strengthen the networking of peacebuilding resources in Geneva and worldwide; and to advance new knowledge and practice in five focus themes. The report also provides an overview of the Platform’s management and staffing, a financial report, as well as an outlook for 2014.

Download the 2013 Activity Report

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