The year 2014 was a rich and inspiring year that saw many different types of activities unfold throughout the year: another round of the Geneva Peace Talks, a pilot of a Geneva Peace Week, the multi-stakeholder process of the White Paper on Peacebuilding, the first Annual Meeting in the newly inaugurated Maison de la Paix, and a series of public and informal meetings on cutting edge peacebuilding issues and contexts.
In numerical terms, the Platform’s networking achievements in 2014 were:

  • 27 events in Geneva, New York, and Medellin, involving 14 practice briefings, 3 informal meetings, 1 workshop, 5 consultations and a retreat for the White Paper on Peacebuilding, as well as the Geneva Peace Talks, the Annual Meeting and Advisory Board meeting.
  • Over 2,400 registered participants (up from 1,700 in 2013). The Geneva Peace Talks led with 860 registrations, followed by the Annual meeting with 376 registrations. Expert workshops had an average participation of around 20 and practice briefings between 50-70 attendees.
  • 17 event partnerships across a broad range of institutions and sectors (see ‘Acknowledgements’).
     3,181 contacts on the distribution list; up from 3,111 in 2013, 2,300 in 2012, and 636 in 2011.
  • The Platform implemented these activities through an intensive collaboration of its four core partners and many other partners from International Geneva and beyond. The collaborative way of working has become a trademark of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and is essential to achieve its mandate to network peacebuilding resources in Geneva and worldwide.
  • 2014 also marks the end of the first three-year programme cycle of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, and included its first independent evaluation. Both efforts informed the new 2015-2017 Programme and consolidated the Platform as a hub for practical peacebuilding expertise and know-how that draws upon field experience and research.
  • This report summarises the Platform’s results for 2014 within the framework of the strategic goals of the 2012-2014 Programme. These goals are to strengthen the networking of peacebuilding resources in Geneva and worldwide, and to advance new knowledge and practice in five focus themes. The report also provides an overview of the implementation of the White Paper on Peacebuilding and highlights other thematic work, including the work on the prevention of violent conflict, and on peacebuilding in the city (Boxes 1 and 2). The report closes with a brief summary of the achievements of the 2012-2014 Programme.

All activities in 2014 were implemented with a core budget of CHF 135,000.- and a separate project funding for the White Paper on Peacebuilding amounting to CHF 178,000.- in 2014.

Download the 2014 Activity Report

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