As outlined in the 2021 Report on Our Common Agenda, the UN Secretary-General has initiated a process for developing a New Agenda for Peace in time for a Summit of the Future to be held in 2024. In this respect, Our Common Agenda outlined six potential areas for the New Agenda for Peace, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Reducing strategic risks;
  2. Strengthening international foresight and capacities to identify and adapt to new risks;
  3. Reshaping responses to all forms of violence;
  4. Investing in prevention and peacebuilding;
  5. Supporting regional prevention; and
  6. Putting women and girls at the center.

To bring the expertise based in Geneva into this process, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform facilitated a consultative discussion in Geneva, Switzerland on 16-17 March 2023. Geneva-based International Organizations, International Civil Society Organizations, the Private Sector and Academia contributed their expertise throughout the consultations.

The discussions focused on seven themes:

  1. Strategic foresight;
  2. Human Rights;
  3. Mediation;
  4. Climate, peace, and security;
  5. Good governance;
  6. Regulation of conventional weapons; and
  7. Financing for peace.

These discussions provided recommendations that could feed into the New Agenda for Peace drafting process.

Geneva Consultations: Executive Summary and Recommendations

Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Foundation