This initiative examines contemporary peace concerns in Europe from a reflexive, cross-disciplinary perspective. Through applied research conducted in collaboration with students of the IHEID Global Security Capstone Project, this initiative is considering how ‘peace’ is conceived in Europe in 2020, the main political and security debates relevant to contemporary notions of peacebuilding in Europe and the main fault lines and opportunities for peacebuilding today. This initiative will also showcase the work of local level actors in Europe working for peace on issues relating to migration, preventing violent extremism, countering hate-speech and xenophobia, governance and security, and democracy and elections.

The initiative culminated in a capstone research project by students at the Graduate Institute. 


Projects and Initiatives

UNHCR - Telling the Real Story Project is part of a multi-country initiative aimed at providing truthful and trustworthy information to refugees and other persons of concern in mixed flows. The purpose is to empower target audiences (asylum-seekers, refugees and other people on the move) to make informed decisions about their future and the risks associated with their choices; decisions based on facts rather than on smugglers’ and traffickers’ narrative or misinformation from the diaspora. The campaign plugs into each group’s habitual communication patterns and beliefs; it is focused on the collection and dissemination of testimonies from inside the communities. Telling the Real Story combines traditional and social media channels of communication.

Videos (Songs, Poems)

Racism in Europe and the USA

The Roots of Racism, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou and Bram Barnes.
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Link to the article here
As the racist narrative continues to make headlines in the United States, and with a public growing increasingly divided over the issue, progress seems complicated. To further understand the complex nature of racism, history often serves as a starting point. In an interview, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Professor of International History and Chair of the International History Department, and Bram Barnes, PhD candidate in International History, provide insight into racism's roots and steps to untangle them for a more equitable world. 

What do we do with our next breath? Claudia Seymour. Link to blog post here

Racial Injustice and the Death of George Floyd Podcast: Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou and Davide Rodogno.
Link here. This episode of “What Matters Today” features a discussion about what is happening in the United States at the moment following the death of George Floyd during his arrest by police in Minneapolis last week. 4 June 20.

I was an EHRC commissioner. It needs to start taking racism seriously. Simon Woolley, The Guardian. Link here.

Democracy and Elections

  • Coronavirus shows how badly we need consensus on collective data rights and needs. Ania Calderon. Medium. Link here.


Drawings and illustrations submitted that speak to the topic of peacebuilding in Europe. 
To submit/recommend artwork to be showcased please contact Kathryn at kathryn[at]gpplatform[dot]ch. 

© Illustration by Kathryn Gichini entitled "Listen".

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