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The ECCP's main online presence is Ecosystem for Peace, a website with a collection of resources and projects from across the community:

The ECCP is a constellation of convenings and connections. There are monthly, community-wide meetings meant to create a platform for networking and relationship-building. There are also three tracks through which participants can connect with like minded individuals and institutions: policy, practice, and evidence.

The Community of Practice on Environment, Climate, Conflict, and Peace aims to foster inter-institutional collaboration and dialogue, promote shared learning and innovation, and mainstream these topics across the board between the environment, climate, conservation, conflict, security, and peace sectors. It is a rich network of more than 800 individuals across Geneva, Europe, and the world.

Learn more about the history, structure, and function of the Community in its recent evaluation here.

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Prior work

Previous public briefings and convenings

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Throughout 2023, nearly 200 members of the ECCP collaborated to put Peace on the map at COP28. And on 3 December, COP28 featured Peace as a thematic convening day for the first time in the annual climate change conference’s history. How does Peace connect to climate change policy? What is the impact of climate change on communities already affected by tensions or violent conflict? What adaptation, mitigation, or other natural resource management actions are possible to support the development of resilient individuals, households, and communities? And what can negotiators at COP28, or decision-makers around the world, do to address these challenges?


The community created a series of activities, events, and publications related to peace, conflict, security, and COP28. The Ecosystem for Peace website serves as a calendar of events, collection of policy messages, and clearinghouse for all-things-peace@cop28.


The White Paper on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding

The White Paper is a collaborative, multi-author project which outlines a vision for the future of environmental peacebuilding. The process is designed to act as a vehicle through which stakeholders may collaborate and build cross-cutting relationships in order to craft a common vision for the future. It also recognises the variety of perspectives and backgrounds present in the environment, climate, conservation, conflict, security, and peace fields. The White Paper is a policy-oriented document, to be developed through a reflective, consultative, multi-stakeholder process. It delivered a strong, cogent message about the future of the field to the Stockholm+50 forum in June 2022. The White Paper project launched to the public on 1 February 2022. Find the White Paper and Compendium here.

International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding

From 1 to 4 February 2022, practitioners, scholars, decision makers, and the Geneva community gathered online for the second International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding. The week featured more than 75 planned conversations, presentations, launches, and high-level dialogues across the field and served as the major contact point for those working at the intersections of environment, climate, conservation, conflict, security, and peace. It also allowed the field to connect and innovate, building momentum towards the Stockholm+50 Conference in June 2022.  Please learn more about the conference here. 



Stockholm+50 commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment, providing a stocktaking moment for the international community on progress made over the past five decades. One of the three primary aims of the ECCP is to "mainstream" understanding of peace and conflict into the environmental field (and vice versa, environment and conservation understanding into the peace and conflict fields). Stockholm+50 has long represented a moment on the ECCP's calendar to bring peace to an environmental agenda. The ECCP community coordinated a number of peace opportunities for the Conference, which was held in Stockholm from 2-3 June 2022. Read more here.



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